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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Transformation Showing of the FiberArtFusion group
Fiber Art Fusion "Transformation" Exhibit
July 24-August 22
Opening Reception July 24 from 7-9pm

July 8th, 2008 Deborah Smith

Soaring to New Heights

Soaring to New Heights is a accumilation of the last couple of years of learning my new found art of Fibers.
I had no vision to what or how this piece would look and in the end the piece basically made itself. My art piece is made using applique in each section on a hand drawing with machine and hand stitching.
In some beliefs and myths the peacock's grandeur represents divinity, royalty, love and beauty. Peacocks are sacred to Sarasvati, goddess of wisdom and the arts, the peacocks distinctive tail markings is identified with eyes and likened to the stars, as well as to the solar symbols. In Buddhism it denotes compassionate watchfullness.
For myself the eyes represent watching and learning, to see is to always learn, once your vision is focused it is put away until needed to be used.

Some fiberartquilts made by my fellow artists:

Ann Quandee, "Colors of My Life", this was used on the invitational postcards that was sent out for the showing.

This one is made by Hellenne Vermillion and is titled "From Eternity to Here"

Another one by Hellenne, no title.

This one is made by Sharon Serrano Ahmed and is titled "Upside Down".

If your in the state of Georgia and live in the vicinity of Marietta please try to come by and see the exhibition the FiberArtFusion group has put on.


Pamela said...

Wow, Debbie, your piece is beautiful! And the others are also - thanks for sharing!

Sherry said...

The fairy is just beautiful!

Maggie R said...

Hi Stranger....
Love the fairy!! gorgeous!!


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