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Sunday, March 15, 2009

AIDS Quilt
I'm blogging a little on the AIDS Quilt because last year my FiberArt Fusion group has taken on the monumental task of making one quilt block. Ok when you think quit blocks your mind will think 8 inches by 8 inches. The AIDS Quilt blocks are much larger than that, huge. When the president of our group said the quilt block will finish measuring 12 foot by 12 foot I almost couldn't comprehend the dimensions until we broke up into groups and and each group was to work on a 3 foot by 6 foot panel.

We had a handful of profiles to choose from some rich and famous and others not, with information on each person ranging from a notebookfull to 1 sheaf of paper. Each person's name came from loved ones, family, friends or aquaintences.

Three of us picked the same person so that made one group. I asked them if they minded me blogging about our person, they didn't mind. We have very little to go by in information but with a picture of a beautiful black woman in the height of her life to die from aids. We was not told how she contracted the deadly disease only that she was in her early 20's with a picture of her with a beatiful smile on her pretty face, date of birth and death and few lines on her likes. I write this not to get more information on her but to let her family, loved ones or her aquaintences know that finaly after all these years her life will be imortalized onto the AIDS Quilt.

First off let me put a name to the face I give you: Cynthia Smith.
We 3 ladies have come together in our first meeting to discuss how Cynthia will be portrayed on the panel reserved for her.
Our second meeting we picked the fabrics and colors and made a decision on everything discussed.
Hopefully in our 3rd meeting we can take hands on to actually getting the panel worked on.

I feel good about blogging this, I hope you will take to heart what I have written here this early morning.

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Ilena said...

I can't imagine a block so large! Looking forward to seeing the progress of this memorial piece. I think of the loving, caring hands that will be making something beautiful to remember this young woman's life.


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