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Friday, February 26, 2010

Pillowcases to Help Haiti

This year our Etsy Quiltsy team decided to do the 1 million pillowcase project. As a international team we wondered how to make this feasible to send to the same charitable group and it was thought we could help with pillowcases for the people of Haiti. Read here how all this came about:

At the Etsy forums berrybluecreations ( )started a thread on this huge endeaver and trying to entice others to contribute:

We put pics up at flickr:

I plan to make more of the pillowcases for the ConKerr Cancer project

You can read up on the 1 million pillowcase challenge here:

Here are the 8 pillowcases I made and sending off today!

1 comment:

berrybluecreations said...

Thanks Debbie for this article and your participation in this project. You rock!!


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