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Monday, June 7, 2010

ADO (Artdolls only) Challenge

"Alice in Wonderland", any character. I saw a cool picture of the Cheshire cat on the internet. here is my work in progress.
Anyone can participate, come follow us down the rabbit hole and join us, follow the link to find out how.

I used air dry clay, this is a first time for me. The top picture is a rough work and the next 2 bottom pictures show where I applied slip to the creature. (slip is a mixture of clay and water to make a thin almost sludge consistency)
Wire was used on the ears and tail, the tail is a little loose ( sewsawing back and forth) but I will probably have to glue it in place after the piece dries. I will give it 1 week for drying.
I think maybe wings on it's back would make this creature look even cooler.


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