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Friday, June 14, 2013

Type 2 Diabetes

Last year in November I found out I am type 2 diabetic.  It has been a struggle but I have improved my levels from 358 to 180 and my Ac1 from 13 to 7.1 in 5 months.  I am hoping to lose some of the weight I gained and lower my levels even more to normal around 90 and below.  I take pills, exercise and try to eat right.  Eating right is hard when there are 2 other adults living in the home who eat the same junk food that probably helped put me in this situation.  Sometimes I fall off the wagon and gobble down a little Debbie snack cake before I even know I done another entity has entered me and I am helpless to stop ( not really but i have to blame it on someone or something and not my own weak control).

With the diabetes I have neurothopy in my feet and body and it has spread to my internal organs where it has left me with pain in my feet, abdomen, legs, side, back and shoulders.  Sometimes I think it is spreading more into my hands and fingers now.  The nerve damage is done and pills help the pain but still there will be times each day where it feels like an electric shock going through some parts of my body.  I suppose it has something to do with me waiting to find out why I was  always thirsty, urinating all the time then my toes started tingling and I waited until my feet felt numb and I was in pain before going to see a doctor about it.  I had these ongoing symptoms for years and they progressed where finally I couldn't stand the pain any longer, then I found out why.

So I am telling you if your body is trying to tell you something is wrong take heed and listen and do something before its too late.
I say this because diabetes can leave you with debilitating problems, kidney failure, heart problems, gangrene, sores that turn into amputations and other life threatening illnesses.
If you need help the American Diabetes Association can help.

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