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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Type II Diabetic update

I hate to say I have had a set back and my GL have risen somewhat.  The other night it actually was over 200 after the evening meal.  I am struggling with the rapid weight gain and my feet feeling funny, not normal at all.  Before I have been waking with MGL being the 120's now wthey have gone up to 150's-160's.  I'm afraid I'll have to really cut back on my consumption of bad carbs.  I don't know why I have fallen off the wagon on getting healthy.  I was hoping to get my mother's stationary bike to ride in my sewing room but my husband told me there wasn't room for it.  He isn't helping.  I can make room for it.  He want's me to ride the bike my daughter bought and never rides the only problem with that is I have to go outside and do that and cant be around the house where I need to be.  With the stationary bike i can ride whenever i want and as long as I want and wont be on restraint on beign back home at certain times.  This suxs!

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