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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.
My family is getting together for dinner and I said I will bring German Choclate cake, mashed potatoes and deviled eggs.

The perfect hard boiled egg.  This method has always eluded me.  Once upon a time I could boil eggs and make them come out perfect but nowadays it's getting harder and harder to get them perfect.  I searched on the internet for the answers and it slips past me every time.
To me hard boiled eggs that are perfect to eat after peeling, there is no wetness in the middle, I know people like it every which way but that is my preferance. At times my egg yolk would have the greenish tinge on the outer edge and now the experts say that is over cooking them.  I plunge them into the ice water bath right after boiling and still the shell sticks to the egg and peels apart, this recent batch out of a dozen I have 4 that did not leaves crater's and earthquake fault lines.  I suppose I need to cook less at each batch to try to get enough for the dinner.
I will try boiling the water first...

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