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Saturday, November 22, 2014

What I have been working on

I have been trying to create new items for my Etsy shop and decided to repurpose/recycle some old items that didn't sell when I made them several years ago.

This is what they looked like

I had took them apart, undid all the stiches and redid them with different colors.  I also made more circles to add to the pile.

since there wasn't a lot of seam allowance after being trimmed down I used pellon to draw my circle from the 4 inch wide plastic cup and after cutting to size I ironed them onto my fabric.

I decided to use a black background after seeing this in 2010

where I got the instructions from

After sewing these there is always the most fun part and that is turning them through a 1/2 inch hole and pressing them.
Laying them out in a pleasing pattern......

deciding to make 2 instead of the 1

What a beautiful dramatic look to this table topper!  Even my husband was impressed!

The beautiful candle was given to me by my daughter, um......some long years ago.

I used a pretty contrasting color thread for the top stitch and the backside is just as pretty to use on the table.

Now that I have the one finished I have divided what circles I have left and want to make 2 more!  The 4 little mug rugs/coasters has become a table topper and the others will be used to make a few more, of course after making more circles to add to the length.


Sue Simpson said...

Love bright colors and black combo. Nice job!

Teodora Paintings said...

Wow, how lovely! I always like to see the process of creation behind the finished product :).

Pamela Boatright said...

Looks great! I like what you did with these!

DownHome Designs said...

Love the bright colors, Debbie!

Ali P. said...

Impressive! I've never seen a pattern quite like this. I love it! Really nice work, and the color combo is gorgeous too.

Natalis Iolalis said...

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GothicVamperstein said...

It looks great. :-)

morichansgarden said...

What a great color combination!I really like the contrast on the back with the black with blue? stitching^^


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