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Monday, October 12, 2009

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Train Demolishes Truck

Right off i want to say no one was hurt, no property damge was done besides the truck. Friday September 2nd 2009 my husband took the bobcat to his sons house and was on his way home. After crossing over the railroad track his 1970 Dodge shuts off going up a small incline. After calling for a tow and sitting there for a while, directing traffic around the truck, it starts to rain and he decides to let the truck roll down the incline to get it out of the way. After rolling to the tracks it stops right over the tracks and another man came to help push it down a little more, the whistle blows, the rails comes down and they take off running and the train hits the truck. The Dodge is demolished, my husband is not hurt and is alright but I am thinking he is sick about what happened as he keeps talking about the mistakes he made, what he should have done or not done. I have pictures up in my flickr


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