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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Venus: Midnight Bloom

I find I like working in larger dimensions. I made Venus: Midnight Bloom in 8" x 10" and now finished another piece. Venus: Midnight Bloom #2, 8" x 10" I matted and framed myself in a 11in x 14in frame. Kimscraftyapple my Quiltsy team suggested I step outside of the box and do some silver needlelace in the corner and I took it a bit farther and added the silver cord needlelace throughout. I did more machine stitching on this piece with the cotton pearl instead of the hand stitching and no distressing the background.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

ACS Invitational Reverse Auction

Preview Open Today for Invitational Reverse Auction to Benefit the AmericanCancer SocietyFiberart For A Cause will hold its fifth Invitational ReverseAuction from March 24-26, 2009.

The Preview opens today:

Natalya Aikens, Gerrie Congdon, Marjorie DeQuincy, RaynaGillman, Carol Larson, Linda Teddlie Minton, Susie Monday, Judy CoatesPerez, Leandra Spangler and Roxane Stoner have all donated their artwork.
All proceeds from the sales go directly to the American Cancer Society with patrons receiving an immediate electronic receipt from the ACS.All artwork will begin at a fixed minimum donation. This minimum donation is reduced by a fixed (and very generous) percentage of the original minimumdonation each day until the artwork is chosen by a generous patron.³

"Having lost my husband to cancer nine years ago, I wanted to make somesmall contribution to something that is so close to my own heart, as well asa joyful way to remember my husband and other friends and relatives who havefought this disease. Since fiber art is both my vocation and my avocation,this seemed a perfect match for me. I was honored to be asked to contributeto the Invitational Reverse Auction, and delighted to accept,² said LindaTeddlie Minton."

Fiberart For A Cause has now donated more than $165,000 to the AmericanCancer Society in the last four years and was the second highest nationalfundraiser for the 2007 American Cancer Society Cancer¹s Relay for Life.
For more information about the Invitational Reverse Auction and Fiberart ForA Cause, contact

--Virginia A. SpiegelWebsite:

Fiberart For A Cause, fundraising for the American Cancer Society.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Donation to ACS

Finished the donation and submitted it now to find out if it is accepted, if not I would be happy to keep it but I created this piece for such a worthy cause. A print of one of my fiberart, organza's, tulle, free motion stitching, handmade buttons, needlelace, hand embrodiery, silk ribbon embroidery, beading and swarovski crystal roses montees.
Remember to visit Virginia's website for all the details on donating or purchaseing for the fundraiser:
Thanks you for visiting!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Donation piece for ACS almost finished

Well all, 15 hours ago I took a pic of what my fiberart piece looked like

I am almost finished with it and will post a photograph when done.
I think this is my best piece of fiberart I have designed and created. I always feel I push myself when I make something for the American Cancer Society.

The ACS donation is a larger version of my Venus; Midnight Bloom and it is beautiful.

Think otherworldly, exotic, Venus. Once again with lots of freemotion stitching, , silk ribbon embroidery and beading.
I will take photos and send it in for consideration for Virginia's collage mania fundraiser for the American Cancer Society and will know then if it is to be for donation or for me to keep for myself!.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

From Virginia Spiegel on the ACS Fundraiser

Where is March going?

But YOU still have time to submit your jpegs and be part of the final (and Ido hope GLORIOUS) Collage Mania, raising funds for the American CancerSociety.
All the guidelines are here: quilts and fiber postcards are accepted and encouraged; just rememberall artwork must be finished or mounted up to 8x10."Karen Stiehl Osborn has MOST generously taken over the acceptance of thejpegs, their prep and placement on the Collage Mania pages. I thank her dedicating so much time to the job!

Our goal is $20,000 in three days (May 5 - 7) for the American CancerSociety. All collages are offered for a minimum $80 donation the first dayand a minimum donation of $40 the remaining two days. Of course, if you candonate a bit more for a favorite collage, we are all for that!

Any questions, please contact me directly.Warm regards,V.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fiberart for a Cause

Fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, read all about it here,
For several years I have been donating fiberart postcards and 8" x 10" collage for fundraisers benifiting the American Cancer Society. We are all volunteers who donate our fiberart, I wasnt sure if I would have time to make something this year but after going to my Fiber Art Fusion meeting last night I decided to work more on a 8" x 10" piece I have started and submit it for consideration.
You can see last years submission at this link and if you scroll down to the bottom of page 3 is the one I submitted
May 5th is Gold Donor day, 6th and 7th is Regular Collage Mania day.
There will be updates for this fundraiser as the time draws near.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New FiberArt Works for the year

Already 3 months into the new year and this is my first FiberArt Work. Did i say I joined a new Yahoo! group?

We make postcard size mini fiberart works and send to each other in the form of a postcard in swaps. This is my first swap with the group and I made this for Liz in Kansas

I made these others and have listed one in my Etsy shop

I had a really fabulous time creating these and am looking forward to making larger pieces to hang on my wall. Perhaps the artist block is gone and my creative mind can put all this into being real.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow in Georgia!

Incredible but it snowed in Georgia and the snow stuck for 1 day, otherwords it didnt melt the same day. Big fat fluffy snowflakes, hard to remember when last we had that much snow.


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