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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


What should I do with it?

New Year, New Art

Last night my Fiber Art Fusion group had a meeting and workshop. The workshop was using stitches to fill in the blank so to speak. One thing we worked on was a Elegant Feather that we made using the technique Jude Hill of Spirit Cloth shows us on her blog

I was greatly inspired to work and finish my little project I had started the night before. I had in my mind to use my previous work to incorporate stitches on it. I used my computer and printer to make a little piece from an iron-on sheet that I ironed onto Kona white cotton fabric. Truth: the iron-on made the work greenish but I am doing stitches on it so it surely doesnt matter, I find I like the pre-treated cotton printable sheets in the package when I print something out that I will be working on. The colors stay true to the original.

In the first picture on the top left hand side is the iron on ironed onto the cotton, next to it on the right side is the original and the bottom piece is what I have worked on.

I started with the feather, filled in the circles with the blue and pink pearle cotton running stitches then did the green dmc floss back stitches. The piece did not look remarkable and was very dull looking. So I filled in the muted black and made it darker with 4 strands of black sewing thread as I can not find my embroidery floss anywhere right now, it works very well. Now i am finishing up with gold metallic thread and I really like this piece the more I work on it. Don't know what to do with it, maybe just make it into a small piece of art, incorporate it inot a larger piece of art or a needle case? What do you think?


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