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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.
My family is getting together for dinner and I said I will bring German Choclate cake, mashed potatoes and deviled eggs.

The perfect hard boiled egg.  This method has always eluded me.  Once upon a time I could boil eggs and make them come out perfect but nowadays it's getting harder and harder to get them perfect.  I searched on the internet for the answers and it slips past me every time.
To me hard boiled eggs that are perfect to eat after peeling, there is no wetness in the middle, I know people like it every which way but that is my preferance. At times my egg yolk would have the greenish tinge on the outer edge and now the experts say that is over cooking them.  I plunge them into the ice water bath right after boiling and still the shell sticks to the egg and peels apart, this recent batch out of a dozen I have 4 that did not leaves crater's and earthquake fault lines.  I suppose I need to cook less at each batch to try to get enough for the dinner.
I will try boiling the water first...

Monday, November 24, 2014

Rain Rain Go Away

Yesterday we had fierce rain and wind, no damage here but the news showed there was some elsewhere.  They said the building that was flattened and transported 50 feet away from the foundation was done by the wind and there was sound like a freight train was coming.  The only wind I know that makes the freight train sound is a tornado.......

The the sunset through the clouds made the world look errie but beautiful.

The clouds scrolled by so fast.

A little respite, some blue sky showing.

 I ran back outside when I saw how red it looked.

The sunset refracting off the rain crystals in the clouds?
Setting the whole sky on fire.

Sunday, November 23, 2014


I don't know why I decided rework all of the already turned circles but thought it would look better if I pinked all the excess fabric away and it does.  Now I am slip stitiching the opening closed, only because I don't like the look of the open ones when I stitch them all together.  Next time I should do what the instructions tell you to do that I always don't do.  Why do I make things harder for myself?

Of course when I put all my left over colors together I wanted to do one in white.

I'm also working on repurpose/recycling my alien dolls.

I have a order for 2 needlecases to make before Christmas and I'm hoping I get all this done in the next couple of weeks. 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Older work

Some older work.   These are already posted on my blog but buried with years of blogging.

What I have been working on

I have been trying to create new items for my Etsy shop and decided to repurpose/recycle some old items that didn't sell when I made them several years ago.

This is what they looked like

I had took them apart, undid all the stiches and redid them with different colors.  I also made more circles to add to the pile.

since there wasn't a lot of seam allowance after being trimmed down I used pellon to draw my circle from the 4 inch wide plastic cup and after cutting to size I ironed them onto my fabric.

I decided to use a black background after seeing this in 2010

where I got the instructions from

After sewing these there is always the most fun part and that is turning them through a 1/2 inch hole and pressing them.
Laying them out in a pleasing pattern......

deciding to make 2 instead of the 1

What a beautiful dramatic look to this table topper!  Even my husband was impressed!

The beautiful candle was given to me by my daughter, um......some long years ago.

I used a pretty contrasting color thread for the top stitch and the backside is just as pretty to use on the table.

Now that I have the one finished I have divided what circles I have left and want to make 2 more!  The 4 little mug rugs/coasters has become a table topper and the others will be used to make a few more, of course after making more circles to add to the length.


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