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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Freedom to be Me

On this day,

she seized the moment

to shed her everyday life

with wild abandonment.

To enjoy the freedom of

being herself with no regrets,

no restrictions of morality.........

trying to forget the worries

of yesterday and yesteryears

for tomorrow is another day.......

Deborah Smith


Last year Fiber on a Whim had started a block of the month with Patti Culea's Tome series of 11 pages done with surface embellishments of all kinds with a Arca to house the tome. All the tomes was suppose to be on display March this year but of course I did not finish mine. Page 5 of this series inspired me to write this little diddy: imagine a full figured woman leaping across the page holding a grape vine naked, before I beaded her with a bra this came to mind.

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