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Monday, April 20, 2009

Venus Midnight Bloom 3 (finished)

I might as well keep going since I am on a roll. For some reason this might be what I am destined to create, who knows? So far I have made ATC's, postcards, 4x6", 5x7'" and 8x10"s. Maybe I will venture into a larger size. The only problem I see in working in a larger size is the peltex being too stiff to do the free motion stitching I am so fond of doing on my pieces.

1 comment:

Carole said...

These look GREAT! Debi from what I can see. They are framed and very 'classy' looking. I have never framed any of my work... I can see it adds a nice touch.
I was sorry to hear how you were 'rejected'... but so glad you are keeping at it. Believe in yourself! Accept the encouragement of your friends!
Good job and thank you for sharing.


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