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Sunday, March 15, 2009

From Virginia Spiegel on the ACS Fundraiser

Where is March going?

But YOU still have time to submit your jpegs and be part of the final (and Ido hope GLORIOUS) Collage Mania, raising funds for the American CancerSociety.
All the guidelines are here: quilts and fiber postcards are accepted and encouraged; just rememberall artwork must be finished or mounted up to 8x10."Karen Stiehl Osborn has MOST generously taken over the acceptance of thejpegs, their prep and placement on the Collage Mania pages. I thank her dedicating so much time to the job!

Our goal is $20,000 in three days (May 5 - 7) for the American CancerSociety. All collages are offered for a minimum $80 donation the first dayand a minimum donation of $40 the remaining two days. Of course, if you candonate a bit more for a favorite collage, we are all for that!

Any questions, please contact me directly.Warm regards,V.

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artbylmr said...

What a wonderful project!


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