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Thursday, July 21, 2011


For some reason I thought these were cornflowers? Very pretty with raised centers, the bees and bugs love this flower. Has Perennial Salvia violet blue. Very hardy, we went on vacation and we thought it was dead but I separated the 3 plants around the Coneflower and they came back to life. You cant see the Salvia very well, I took pictures too late they have already bloomed and spent but they comw back regularly with new blooms.

We planted these in a old antique cow bucket, whatever that means (?), over a place where a huge old oak tree has been cut down and the area where the roots were, are sinking in. The tree was cut because my husband was afraid of it falling on the house. As the droughts and heavy thunderstorms are proving him right with lots of trees falling on peoples houses here in Georgia.

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SibStudio said...

I love cone flowers! Your photos are wonderful!


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