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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Yesterday's post.....

I posted yesterday about my Hibiscus tree and the seedlings I received this year. My mother is 71 years old and she helped me plant the seedlings in my yard. We did the mother and daughter thing sharing and bonding and spent some time together with a common goal with a task to be done. Mind you these are 6"-8" wooden sticks we planted but they was well on their way becoming leafy in April.

Here is what the seedlings look like now after the incident in May. My husband put stakes down this time. I asked him to do this before we left on our vacation, as I reminded him our neighbors cut our grass for us while we are gone. Our daughter moved back home and can do this chore was his answer. One of or neighbor still felt the need to cut the lawn and proceeded to cut all the saplings down with the grass.

I'm glad to say they are alive and well, except for the 1 that perished. It was doing well just last week, but I found a wooden stump in its place the other day and wonder why it did so.

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