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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hibiscus: Rose of Sharon

About 5 years ago my mother brought me these twiggy little seedlings she dug from her garden. She didn't know the name of the flowering bush just they are purple and some are white. Therefore I didn't know the name of this bush/tree until I asked my neighbor who told me they are called the Rose of Sharon. I had an a suspicion they was hibiscus but wasn't sure myself they truly are. I did research on the internet and had found out these are indeed Hibiscus and the Rose of Sharon. The internet is a wonderous place and a unending book of information if you know how to present the wording correctly. So those long years ago only one plant lived through my brown thumb and is a majestic flowering bush/tree with beautiful blooms.

This year in January for her birthday mother came to visit me and I took her out with my daughter to eat at the Chinese buffet, as this is a tradition we have started long ago in the 1980's. I also received a bunch more of the Hibiscus twigs and this time I am determined to keep them all alive. I believe there are about 19 or 20 of them we had planted.

In April my husband and I went on vacation and while we was gone our neighbor cut all the little seedlings down, but after babying with watering and plant food they all came back to life with tiny growths of leaves and they are thriving now except 1 that did not make it.


Retro Junction said...

How beautiful and fragile they look! Yet they must hardy to survive the neighbor's cutters. Thanks for sharing!

Maureen said...

Such a beautiful flower!

Burnt Mill Candles and Soap said...

yours look great. My rose of sharon isn't going to bloom this year I think because we have had very little rain around here. Glad yours made it through the neighbor incident.

monaponder said...

I love to read blogs. I am glad you posted yours. Ann Fagan Ponder


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